Stylish Agaves

The Agave attenuata is a popular plant amongst gardeners and landscapers for a number of reasons.

Agave Plant
Agave attenuata

Unlike other Agave species, the Agave attenuate doesn’t have teeth or spikes along the blades. They have bold sword shape leaves and strong colours. They look great in a variety of landscaped designs whether they are the focal point (feature plant) or slotted in amongst other plants. The also have a rare and unusual but amazing flower which grows more than ten times the height of the plant. Like other Agaves, the Agave attenuate is a succulent and requires almost no water or care to survive.

A Popular Choice
Agaves have become a popular gardening choice in recent times because of their ecology and hardiness. With climate change and accelerated population increases, there is an increase for urban areas to experience drought and water restrictions. Selecting drought resistant plants such as agaves are an environmentally and economically responsible choice. As technology improves, our lives become busier leaving less time for pruning, spraying, fertilizing and watering so agaves are a wise choice for these modern times.

A Safe Choice
Agaves are adaptable and grow well in a variety of environments including harsh climates and they are rarely affected by pests or disease. They can withstand strong sun, strong winds and poor soil. Their low maintenance makes them ideal for busy first home buyers and novice gardeners.